SMBB1200S-1100 SMBB
SMBB1200-1100-05 SMBB
SMBB1200-1100-03 SMBB
SMBB1050GD-1100-02 SMBB
SMBB1050GD-1100 SMBB
SMBB810DS-1100-03 SMBB Family
SMBB680D-1100 SMBB Family
SMBB670D-1100 SMBB Family
SMBB630V-1100-02 SMBB Family
SMBB515V-1100 SMBB Family
SMBB435V-1100 SMBB Family
SMBB420V-1100-Z SMBB Family
PD1450T-SMT SMT PIN-PD & Phototransistor
PD1450-SMT SMT PIN-PD & Phototransistor
L1650-03 IR & NIR LED
L1450-66-16100 High Power Illuminator
L1050S-03 NIR 1050nm ~ 1650nm
L1050G-66-60 High Power Illuminator
L1050G-05 NIR 1050nm ~ 1650nm
L1050G-01 NIR 1050nm ~ 1650nm
L970D-03 IR 700nm ~ 980nm
L970D-02 IR 700nm ~ 980nm
EDC385V-1100-Z SMD
L418R-05 Mold Type
EDC890DS-1100 EDC
EDC525V-1100 SMD
EDC450V-1100 SMD
EDC420H-1100-S5Z SMD

Combo LED / Optical-Sensors

MARUBENI-OPTO™ has developed a number of Near Infrared and Infrared discrete LED products with integrated optical-sensors. Over the years we have specialized in more complex versions that incorporate a wider spectrum of LED radiation with integrated sensors. These devices have been primarily utilized by the scientific, forensic and medical diagnostic industries in sophisticated instrumentation. Some…


PDF Link: UV, IR and Visible Light       PDF Link: Flashlight-lineup   Flashlights have been revolutionized by LED technologies. Not only do LEDs lack of filaments and glass envelops lend themselves to the rugged environments flashlights are used in, LEDs are also current-driven devices that register low consumption of battery power which extends the use of…

Modular Assemblies

Marubeni-OPTO™ can create or build-to-print you next opto-electronic assembly. It can incorporate the most sophisticated LED and integration products, including NIO Optics, Thermal Management and the appropriate type of LED, from UV through to IR wavelengths. We can accomplish die-on-board packaging of your LEDs or utilize conventional techniques for incorporating PTH (plated-through-hole) devices or Surface…

Integrated Circuit

MARUBENI-OPTO™ can create or build-to-print you next opto-electronic assembly. It can incorporate the most sophisticated LED and integration products, including NIO Optics, Thermal Management and the appropriate type of LED, from UV through to IR wavelengths. We can accomplish die-on-board packaging of your LEDs or utilize conventional techniques for incorporating PTH (plated-  through-hole) devices or…

NIO Optics

MARUBENI-OPTO™ products include non-imaging optics (anidolic optics) which includes lenses, diffusers and color filters. NIO is the area of optics concerned with the optimal transfer of light radiation between a source and a target. Hence the lenses we offer are “primary” optics. “Secondary” optics, such as diffusing elements and filters can be added and incorporated…

Heat Dissipation

This is a key area for any LED new design or re-design project. LEDs, unlike incandescent bulbs, do not radiate heat. They need to be thermally managed. MARUBENI-OPTO™ has established a variety of materials to aid your project with the best in thermal management and the most cost-effective. Most power LED designs can use the…


  MARUBENI-OPTO™ products in this area include PIN photo-diodes as well as photo-transistors: devices that convert light into current. They are used to respond to incident light, or to a source of light which is part of the same circuit or system. PIN photo-diodes are suitable for fast optical switches, photo-detectors, and other applications. Photo-…

Metal Core PCB

Substrates To integrate your unpackaged LED die or SMD, MARUBENI-OPTO™ products include a variety of solutions including metal-core PCBs that can be printed and etched to your circuit schematic/layout or advanced substrate designs that can be used for thin or thick film defined circuitry. Our ceramic products include aluminum nitride, which is approximately 7X more…


MARUBENI-OPTO™ offers advanced phosphor materials for your next photo-conversion project. SiAlONs are ceramics based on the elements silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), oxygen (O) and nitrogen (N). Once activated SiAlONs are photo-luminescent and can serve to efficiently create bi-chromatic or broadband white LED photo- conversion. For example, Europium(II)-doped β-SiAlON absorbs in the ultraviolet and visible light…

Multi-Wavelength LEDs

   This category of our LED products includes many versions of devices. They all include at least two LEDs of different wavelengths contained within one discrete addressable LED package. The packages can be addressed for single colors in a sequential or pulsed manner, and or in a “blended” constant color or hue. There are Visible,…

Compact Micro-Array (CMA™)

       Also known as Chip-On-Board or COB, which is an incorrect nomenclature as the term “chip” is used for SMDs. Also known more correctly as Die-on-Board or DoB, wherein a PCB, usually a metal-core PCB receives bare die in the packaging process. I/Os are via soldered or mechanically attached wires or screws. The “board” can…


SMD LEDs: Surface Mount Device or “Chips” utilizing leaded or lead-less package styles was another innovation in LED package styles. This type of package did not require PTHs. Plastic Leaded Chip Carriers are popular with sizes based on surface mount electronic formats such as chip capacitors. This format was also incorporated into devices with more…

PTH Lamps

  T-Series Lamps: All lamps have a specific “bulb type” designation that describes the shape of the lamp and the size of the lamp (diameter). The designation is a two part code consisting of a letter and a number. The letter indicates the shape of the lamp and the number relates to the diameter of…

Visible LEDs (VIS) / Infrared LEDs

Visible LEDs To MARUBENI-OPTO™, the terms “light” and “visible radiation” (VIS) refer to the wavelength range between 400 nm and 800 nm, which can be perceived by the human eye. Here again compound semiconductors have realized a wide spectrum of emissions. The primary High- Brightness compound semiconductor technologies used to create a variety of colors…

Near UV and UV LEDs

Optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than 400 nm λp is called ultraviolet (UV) radiation and is further subdivided in UV-A (320-400nm λp), UV-B (280-320 nm λp) and UV-C (180-280 nm λp) categories. These LED die are made from AlInGaN heavily doped with Aluminum MOCVD epitaxial wafers fabricated into dice that emit short wavelength UV radiation….

Known-Good-Die (KGD™)

  MARUBENI-OPTO™ offers its customers a variety of Known-Good-Die  (KGD™)  which are 100% inspected & tested prepackaged compound   semiconductor LED or Optical Sensor dice. Each die has undergone rigorous visual  inspection for die and metallization integrity, as well as electrical and optical testing.  Each die is then sorted based on test values that ensure that they…

Epitaxial Wafers

This is the backbone technology expertise of advanced Solid-State Lighting as well as all photonics  technologies. Marubeni-OPTO™ presents epitaxial wafers utilizing the latest in compound semiconductor crystalline growth technologies including Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD). It is this critical growth process that builds up p- and n-crystal growth  structures as well as p/n junction…

More Marubeni-OPTO™

Inrared (IR) LEDs & Sensor Applications Infrared (IR) is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at ~700nm (frequency 430 THz) to 1mm (300 GHz) (although from test data some people can see infrared up to at least 1050nm)…

Marubeni OPTO™

Marubeni-OPTO™ is the optoelectronics and photonics product portion of Marubeni America Corporation (MAC). Marubeni-OPTO™ has for over 3o years supplied solid-state LEDs and Sensors (photo-diodes/phototransistors) to its clients. In turn, Marubeni’s corporate roots go back to 1858, and it was organized as Marubeni Company, Ltd. in 1949. Marubeni holds up “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony” as…


Pulse Oximeter Specific wavelengths of our products (SMT660N,SMT940&SMT660N/940) provide the perfect LED solution for pulse oximetry applications Solar Panel Testing Our SMBB1050GD-1100 is for test of energy efficient and alternative solar panels Food Sorting The most efficient solution to boost your processing capacity and availability, while at the same time increasing profit, food quality and...
SMBB800D-1100-02 SMBB Family
EDC850D-1100 (Lens 40deg) EDC