EDC (3.5 x 3.5 x 2.0)

Marubeni  launches the new Power EDC Series SMD package platform. Offered in the widest spectrum of LED emitters in the industry, ranging from 260nm λP to 1600nm λP. The new EDC Series can be used to package any LED in this spectrum. Example: the EDC740D-1100 mounts a 1 x 1mm AllnGaP Die that emits at 740 λP with a typical Radiant intensity of 440 mW/sr & Radiated Power of 1040mW. UV, Visible (including White Light), or other IR Power LED Die can also be used in this small SMD leadless package. With highly durable silicone lens technology, a Thermal Resistance (Rthj) of 10K/W, and a Power Dissipation of 2000 mW, the EDC Series may be your best choice.

Lens Type and Radiation Characteristics


e.g. EDC850DS Series

Product # Lens Wavelength (nm) Datasheet
EDC750D-1100   750 (pdf)
EDC940D-1100-S5   940 (pdf)
EDC940DS-1100-S5   940 (pdf)
EDC940DS-1100   940 (pdf)
EDC810DS-1070-S5   810 (pdf)
EDC405-1100   405 (pdf)
EDC375V-1100Z Flat 375 (pdf)
EDC375V-1100-S5Z S5 375 (pdf)
EDC1450-1100-S5   1450 Contact Us
EDC1550-1100-S5   1550 Contact Us
EDC1300-1100-S5   1300 Contact Us
EDC1050-1100-S5   1050 Contact Us
EDC1200-1100-S5   1200 Contact Us
EDC980D-1100-S5   980 Contact Us
EDC940D-1100-S5   940 (pdf)
EDC910D-1100-S5   910 Contact Us
EDC890DS-1100-S5   890 (pdf)
EDC850D-1100-S5   850 (pdf)
EDC850DS-1100-S5   850 (pdf)
EDC810D-1100-S5   810 (pdf)
EDC760D-1100-S5   760 Contact Us
EDC780D-1100-S5   780 Contact Us
EDC750D-1100-S5   750 (pdf)
EDC740D-1100-S5   740 (pdf)
EDC750-1100-S5   750 (pdf)
EDC690D-1100-S5   690 Contact Us
EDC660D-1100-S5   660 Contact Us
EDC405V-1100-S5Z S5 405 Contact Us
EDC630-1100-S5   630 Contact Us
EDC405H-1100-S5Z S5 405 (pdf)
EDC365V-1100-S5Z S5 365 (pdf)
EDC395V-1100-S5Z S5 395 (pdf)
EDC1550-1100   1550 Contact Us
EDC1300-1100   1300 Contact Us
EDC1450-1100   1450 (pdf)
EDC1200-1100   1200 Contact Us
EDC1050-1100   1050 Contact Us
EDC980D-1100   980 (pdf)
EDC940D-1100   940 (pdf)
EDC850DS-1100   850 (pdf)
EDC910D-1100   910 (pdf)
EDC850D-1100   850 (pdf)
EDC800D-1100   800 (pdf)
EDC810D-1100   810 Contact Us
EDC780D-1100   780 (pdf)
EDC740D-1100   740 (pdf)
EDC760D-1100   760 (pdf)
EDC690D-1100   690 (pdf)
EDC660D-1100   660 (pdf)
EDC680D-1100   680 (pdf)