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TheLS-25GX screen printer by New Long offers the following :

  • Wide and fine printing
  • Rigid, stable and highly precise printing
  • High speed screen printer built with efficiency in mind
  • Smaller size precision screen printer for green sheet, H.I.C. and wafer





LS-25GX Screen Printer By New Long
LS-25GX Main Features
  • A rigid frame ensures stable and high precision printing.
  • The entire squeegee head is lifted to 75 mm by a switch operation for easy removability of the screen frame.
  • High-speed printing is possible at a cycle time of 5.3 sec. (At squeegee speed is 300 mm/sec and at stroke is 300 mm)
  • The screen frame is easily inserted by sliding action and it can be installed by one-touch control.
  • Easy selection of various printing mode. (optional)
    • Standard printing mode.
    • Double squeegee mode.
  • The table moves horizontally from side to side so safe and compact machine layout becomes possible.
LS-25GX Specifications
  • Printing area 250×250 mm(Max)
  • Screen frame size 450×450 mm thickness 25 mm550x550 mm thickness 25 mm
  • Table size 400×350 mm
  • Squeegee speed 40~300 mm/sec
  • Printing pressure 0~0.4 MPa(Variable)
  • Positioning (Fine adjustment of screen frame) 1)X,Y direction 5 mm2)Theta direction 1.5
  • Clearance adjustment Z direction 20 mm
  • Machine repeatable precision ±0.01 mm
  • Power requirement AC200V 3 phases700 W
  • Air pressure 0.5 MPa20 L/minute(ANR)
  • Machine’s weight about 700 kg
  • Machine’s dimensions (W)1400x(D)1080x(H)1530 mm