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The LS-66TV screen printer by New Long offers the following :

  • Speed up by high operability and work ability!
  • This model permits large size printing and enables high-precision printing reproduction.
  • The screen printer for the epoch-making print board has been developed due to designing mainly for operability and workability and employment of various parts strictly selected. Thus, enhancing productivity.
LS-66TV  screen printer by New Long
LS-66TV Main Features
  • Since the screen frame can be extracted in the holder set status, the reproduction is extremely high when the screen is restored. The extracted screen can be lifted up to 300 mm from the vacuum table, so the screen cleaning can be easily carried out.
  • A self-standing operation control box is employed as an operation panel, which can be installed on either side of the left and right of the printer unit.
  • Even when the squeegee bias angle is 10 degree; the printing of 610×610 mm (Max.) can be performed in no coat system. In the standard printing, the printing area can also be extended in the stroke direction.
  • The table can be inserted and extracted horizontally and a work can be easily removable. Therefore, the safety is enhanced and the repetition precision is high precision.
  • The squeegee speed and off-contact quantity can be tuned by one-touch operation. Therefore, the off-contact start position and off-contact stroke can be easily adjusted.
  • The plate frame set to the holder can be extracted as it is, and it can also be easily removable by a one-touch clamp using the air.
LS-66TV  screen printer : screen frame slide part LS-66TV  screen printer : operation plate part
Screen frame slide part
Since the screen frame slide mechanism and the screen frame are lifted by 300 mm, the screen replacement and cleaning can be made speedily.
Operation plate part
The operation box can be installed on either side of the left and right of the printer due to employment of the self-standing type and the plug-in connector connection system.