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The LS-77A screen printer by New Long offers the following :

  • An advance printer for fine line printing
  • The model is a high-speed screen printer with minimal vibration and fine pattern printing is possible. this screen printer is for high performance and high precision print boards
  • This is the most suitable for flexible board, sheet like film board, and resist printing


LS-77A  screen printer by New Long
LS-77A Main Features
  • Fine pattern printing is possible. The squeegee head’s linear axis receiver uses a special guide to minimize vibration and to greatly improve uniform speed. This allows fine pattern printing with three lines between pins.
  • Improved stability for high-speeds. With the frame’s lighter weight and high rigidity, the stabilized frame can be raised and lowered by motor. The motor can drive a maximum 8.0 seconds for one cycle (without printing board) and high speed printing is possible.
  • Squeegee movement and fitted off-contact can be controlled.
  • No coat printing equipment is standardized and both standardized printing and no coat printing can be changed by switch operation.
  • One-touch operation can be used in squeegee bias. Fine printing can be performed even if the board is difficult to thrust the ink.
  • The speed of the squeegee and scraper is digital display that is easy to confirm.
  • To enhance the safety, safety bar which is 3 direction self-standing type is employed so that the printer can be quickly stopped in case of an emergency.
LS-77A  screen printer  : left front panel LS-77A  screen printer : squeegee head
Left front panel
Adjustment functions such as printing pressure adjustment, squeegee speed adjustment, display, etc., are compactly arranged at left front panel.
Squeegee head
Horizontal and vertical angle adjustments can be easily made. Thrust amount is also adjusted at the center so printing conditions can be set in a short time.



LS-77A Specifications
  • Printing area 600×700 mm
  • Screen frame(outer dimensions) 1050×1050 mm
  • Vacuum table dimensions 800×800 mm
  • Squeegee speed 20~500 mm/sec
  • Positioning 1) X, Y direction ±10 mm2)Theta direction ±3°
  • Clearance adjustment Z direction 30 mm
  • Power requirement AC200V 3 phases 50/60 Hz650 VA
  • Air pressure 0.5 MPa1.4 L/minute (ANR)
  • Machine’s weight about 800 kg
  • Machine’s dimensions (W)1840x(D)1140x(H)1350 mm