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The LZ-56TVFB screen printer by New Long offers the following :

  • Speedy automatic position setting of printing board
  • Easy operation and high quality printing
  • Pattern recognition alignment
  • Inline mode automatic screen printer
LZ-56TVFB screen printer by New Long
LZ-56TVFB Main Features
  • Personal computer’s control
    By using the sequence and the personal computer’s control together, setting of printing condition and SW operation can be performed on the basis of the menu on CRT. Also, it is possible to connect with host computer.
  • No coat system printing
    No coat system scraper is equipped as a standard in order that no coat printing can be performed by mode change while using UV paste.
  • Pattern recognition system position setting.
    The preparation time for screen exchange has been reduced noticeably by pattern recognition positioning of CCD camera.
  • Screen cleaning is easy.
    The reproduction is extremely high when the screen is restored because the screen frame is set in the holder. Thus, cleaning can be easily carried out while extracting the screen. Also, the screen can be lifted up to 300 mm from the vacuum table, so the work can be easily carried out.
  • Off-contact control can be tuned to squeegee speed. The squeegee speed and off-contact quantity can be tuned by one-touch operation. Therefore, the off-contact start position and off-contact stroke can be easily adjusted.
LZ-56TVFB Specifications

Printing parts

  • Printing area 510×610 mm(Max)
  • Screen frame size 950×950 mm
  • Table size 620×800 mm
  • Line flowing direction Left to Right
  • Line height From floor to 945 mm ±20 mm

Alignment parts

  • Camera Use CCD
  • Optical field range 3×4 mm (at 40 times magnification)
  • Positioning precision ±0.01 mm (at 40 times magnification)


  • Power requirement AC200V 3 phases 50/60 Hz4.5 KW
  • Air pressure 0.5 MPa50 L/minute (ANR)
  • Machine’s weight about 3200 kg
  • Machine’s dimensions (W)2800x(D)1400x(H)1600 mm