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Flashlights have been revolutionized by LED technologies. Not only do LEDs lack of filaments and glass envelops lend themselves to the rugged environments flashlights are used in, LEDs are also current-driven devices that register low consumption of battery power which extends the use of battery- operated flashlight torches, luminaires and head lamps. With white light LEDs flashlights are mainstream products, yet also variants include mono-chromatic and multi-color varieties as well:

White Light:

6000°K Equal Energy White light is our primary workhorse flashlight

Infrared Light:

Utilized in night-vision applications ranging from outdoor woodsmen to tactical application, this 890nm λp wavelength is ideal for camping, hiking, astronomy, photography, training and other applications.


RED Light:

Favored by pilots, fishermen, outdoorsmen, astronomers, these lights feature a 630nm λD and a deeper Ruby Red 660 λD wavelength

Yellow Light:

These lights are used in emergency kits for signaling, yellow 592nm λD flashlights. They are a traditional color used for this and other signaling, caution-warning and guidance purposes such as crowd control.

Portland Orange Lights:

These lights emit at 605nm λD and somewhat preserve low ambient adjusted vision, while providing excellent illumination.

Emerald Green Light:

555nm λD light is the perfect light for Night Vison Instrument Systems (NVIS)

Green Light:

Your eyes are drawn to this 525nm λD light, fun to use and view objects ad landscapes.

Cyan Light:

These lights, as they emit at 505nm, are excellent aids to the night blindness person as well as for aviation and traffic signally beacons “green” all OK purposes. They are also excellent for underwater applications as this wavelength travels further in water than any other wavelength.

Blue Light:

Many have fun with this 470nm emission light, good for a variety of get-togethers and fun occasions, including tailgating, dance parties and other forms of entertainment.

Near UV Light:

Produces a variety of fluorescing effects, similar to black lights. Shine it on an object that naturally fluoresces such as a scorpion, various types of minerals or on a variety of “scapes” that incorporate fluorescing materials such as walls, T-Shirts, Posters, etc. This light is great for the hobbyist, outdoors man or for any type of party, also applicable for dentistry and forensic applications.

Ultraviolet Light:

Uses for this 375nm λp wavelength include currency, ticket verification driver’s licenses, fake IDs; mineral identification; art forgeries; fluorescing of blood, bacteria and other types of media; authentication of various items ranging from collector glassware to stamps, to various other analyses. Charging lures and fluorescing fishing line while night fishing; validating old ivory, depression glass, quilts; examining gemstones and minerals; ceramic, porcelain and pottery repairs; carbon stains on metal and welding inspections; use a black light pen to mark your valuables and collector items; fluoresce scorpions (Bark, Hairy Desert, Striped Tail, etc.); agricultural, rodent and pest inspection; pet stains, bed bugs, pet fleas, head lice; crude oil and chemical leaks and spills; charge your glow in the dark items. The applications for this kind of light are extensive.

Multi-color Light:

Dual White and Red (use in daylight and to preserve night vision) Flashlights; Dual Red and Yellow Flashlights as well as any custom flashlight you can perceive of can be had from MARUBENI-OPTO™.


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