List of LED Datasheets

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Mold Type / Stem Type / SMBB Series / EDC Series / SMC Type / SMT Type / TO-66


Molded Type LED Φ5mm
Peak Wavelength Lens 01 Lens 02 Lens 03 Lens 04 Lens 05 Lens 06 Lens 09
365nm L365R-06
375nm L375R-01 L375R-02 L375R-03 L375R-04 L375R-05 L375R-06 L375R-09
385nm L385R-01 L385R-02 L385R-03 L385R-04 L385R-05 L385R-06 L385R-09
395nm L395R-01 L395R-02 L395R-03 L395R-04 L395R-05 L395R-06 L395R-09
405nm L405R-01 L405R-02 L405R-03 L405R-04 L405R-05 L405R-06 L405R-09
415nm L415R-01 L415R-02 L415R-03 L415R-04 L415R-05 L415R-06 L415R-09
420nm L420R-01 L420R-02 L420R-03 L420R-04 L420R-05 L420R-06 L420R-09
430nm L430R-01 L430R-02 L430R-03 L430R-04 L430R-05 L430R-06 L430R-33
450nm L450-01 L450-04 L450-05 L450-06 L450R-36
450nm L450R-01 L450R-02 L450R-04 L450R-05 L450R-06 L450R-33
470nm L470R-33
490nm L490-01 L490-02 L490-03 L490-04 L490-05 L490-06 L490-09
505nm L505-01 L505-02 L505-03 L505-04 L505-05 L505-06 L505-09
525nm L525-01 L525-02 L525-03 L525-04 L525-05 L525-06 L525-09
535nm L535-01 L535-02 L535-03 L535-04 L535-05 L535-06 L535-09
545nm L545-01 L545-02 L545-03 L545-04 L545-05 L545-06 L545-09
555nm L555-01 L555-02 L555-03 L555-04 L555-05 L555-06 L555-09
560nm L560-01 L560-02 L560-03 L560-04 L560-05 L560-06 L560-09 
565nm L565-01U L565-02U L565-03U L565-04U L565-05U L565-06U L565-09U
565nm L565-33U L565-36U
570nm L570-02 L570-04 L570-33
590nm L590-01 L590-02 L590-03 L590-04 L590-05 L590-06 L590-09
600nm L600-01 L600-02 L600-03 L600-04 L600-05 L600-06 L600-09
610nm L610-01 L610-02 L610-03 L610-04 L610-05 L610-06 L610-33
625nm L625-01 L625-02 L625-03 L625-04 L625-05 L625-06 L625-33
630nm L630-01 L630-02 L630-03 L630-04 L630-05 L630-06 L630-36
640nm L640-06
645nm L645-01 L645-02 L645-03 L645-04 L645-05 L645-06 L645-09
 645nm           L645-33 L645-36
660nm L660N-01 L660N-02 L660N-03 L660N-04 L660N-05 L660N-06 Contact us
680nm L680-01AU L680-02AU L680-03AU L680-04AU L680-05AU L680-06AU L680-09AU
690nm L690-02AU
700nm L700-01AU L700-02AU L700-0l3AU L700-04AU L700-05AU L700-06AU L700-09AU
720nm L720-01AU L720-02AU L720-03AU L720-04AU L720-05AU L720-06AU L720-09AU
730nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L730-04AU Contact us Contact us Contact us
735nm L735-01AU L735-02AU L735-03AU L735-04AU L735-05AU L735-06AU L735-09AU
735nm L735-06-55
740nm L740-01AU L740-02AU L740-03AU L740-04AU L740-05AU L740-06AU L740-09AU
750nm L750-01AU L750-02AU L750-03AU L750-04AU L750-05AU L750-06AU L750-09AU
760nm L760-01AU L760-02AU L760-03AU L760-04AU Contact us Contact us L760-09AU
770nm L770-01AU L770-02AU L770-03AU L770-04AU L770-05AU L770-06AU L770-09AU
780nm L780-01AU Contact us L780-03AU L780-04AU L780-05AU L780-06AU L780-09AU
780nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L780-09AU-S
800nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L800-06-55 Contact us
800nm L800-01AU L800-02AU L800-03AU L800-04AU L800-05AU L800-06AU L800-09AU
805nm L805-01AU L805-02AU Contact us L805-04AU Contact us Contact us Contact us
810nm L810-01AU L810-02AU L810-03AU L810-04AU L810-05AU L810-06AU L810-09AU
820nm L820-01AU Contact us L820-03AU L820-04AU L820-05AU L820-06AU L820-09AU
830nm L830-01AU L830-02AU L830-03AU L830-04AU L830-05AU L830-06AU L830-09AU
830nm L830-01UP L830-02UP L830-03UP L830-04UP L830-05UP L830-06UP L830-09UP
830nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L830N-04E-35 Contact us Contact us Contact us
830nm Contact us Contact us L830N-03CU L830N-04CU Contact us Contact us Contact us
840nm L840-01AU L840-02AU L840-03AU L840-04AU L840-05AU L840-06AU L840-09AU
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850-06-2C Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850-06LH L850-09LH
850nm L850-01UP L850-02UP L850-03UP L850-04UP L850-05UP L850-06UP L850-09UP
850nm L850F-01U L850F-02U L850F-03U L850F-04U L850F-05U L850F-06U L850F-09U
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850F-06-45 Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850F-06-50 Contact us
850nm L850F-01-55 Contact us L850F-03-55 Contact us Contact us L850F-06-55 Contact us
850nm L850D-01 L850D-02 L850D-03 L850D-04 L850D-05 L850D-06 L850D-09
850nm L850D-01-50 L850D-02-50 Contact us L850D-04-50 L850D-05-50 L850D-06-50 L850D-09-50
850nm Contact us Contact us L850-03CU Contact us Contact us Contact us L850D-34
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L850-04L6CU Contact us Contact us Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850F-06-45CU Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L850F-06-55CU Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L850F-04L6CU Contact us Contact us Contact us
850nm Contact us Contact us L850D-03-50CU Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
870nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L870-04-35 Contact us Contact us Contact us
870nm L870-01UP L870-02UP L870-03UP L870-04UP L870-05UP L870-06UP L870-09UP
870nm L870F-01U Contact us Contact us L870F-04U L870F-05U L870F-06U L870F-09U
870nm Contact us L870F-02-45 Contact us L870F-04-45 L870F-05-45 L870F-06-45 Contact us
870nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L870F-04-50 Contact us L870F-06-50 Contact us
870nm Contact us Contact us L870F-03-55 L870F-04-55 Contact us Contact us Contact us
870nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L870F-06-55CU Contact us
880nm L880-01AU L880-02AU L880-03AU L880-04AU L880-05AU L880-06AU L880-09AU
880nm Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L880-05-55-2D L880-33AU L880-36AU
890nm L890-01AU L890-02AU L890-03AU L890-04AU L890-05AU L890-06AU L890-09AU
910nm L910-01 L910-02 Contact us L910-04 L910-05 L910-06 L910-09
910nm L910D-01 L910D-02 L910D-03 L910D-04 Contact us L910D-06 Contact us
940nm L940-01AU L940-02AU L940-03AU L940-04AU L940-05AU L940-06AU L940-09AU
940nm L940-01T Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us L940-34AU
940nm Contact us Contact us Contact us L940-04CU Contact us Contact us Contact us
940nm Contact us L940-02L6CU Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
940nm Contact us L940D-02 L940D-03 L940D-04 L940D-05 L940D-06 Contact us
970nm L970-01 L970-02 L970-03 L970-04 L970-05 L970-06 L970-09
970nm Contact us L970D-02 L970D-03 L970D-04 L970D-05 L970D-06
970nm L970D-33 L970D-34 L970-33
980nm Contact us L980-02 L980-03 L980-04 L980-05 L980-06 L980-33
980nm L980D-01 L980D-02 L980D-03 L980D-04 L980D-06
1050nm L1050-01 L1050-02 L1050-03 L1050-04 L1050-05 L1050-33 L1050-36
1050nm L1050S-03 L1050-06
1070nm L1070-01 L1070-02 L1070-03 L1070-04 L1070-05 L1070-06 L1070-09
1100nm L1100-36
1200nm L1200-01 L1200-02 L1200-03 L1200-04 L1200-05 L1200-06 L1200-09
1200nm L1200S-03 L1200S-33
1300nm L1300-01 L1300-02 L1300-03 L1300-04 L1300-05 L1300-06 L1300-09
1300nm L1300S-03 L1300S-06 L1300S-36
1450nm L1450-01 L1450-02 L1450S-03 L1450S-33 L1450-05 L1450S-06 L1450-33
1550nm L1550-01 L1550-02 L1550-03 L1550-04 L1550-05 L1550-06 L1550-09
1550nm L1550S-03
1650nm L1650-01 L1650-02 L1650-03 L1650-04 L1650-05 L1650-06 Contact us
1650nm L1650S-03 L1650-33 L1650-36

Stem Type

Stem Type LED (C, D, K, M & T)
Peak Wavelength K00/C00 K32/D32 K42/D42/T42 D52/T52 M00 M13 M32 K59
375nm L375-30K00 L375-30K42 L375-30T52 L375-30M00 L375-30M32
375nm L375-30K42L L375-30M32L
385nm L385-30K00 L385-30K42 L385-30T52 L385-30M00 L385-30M32
395nm L395-30K00 L395-30K42 L395-30T52 L395-30M00 L395-30M32
405nm L405-30K00 L405-30K42 L405-30T52 L405-30M00 L405-30M32
405nm L405-30M32L
430nm L430-30K00 L430-30K42 L430-30T52 L430-30M00 L430-30M32
450nm L450-30K00 L450-30K42 L450-30T52 L450-30M00 L450-30M32
470nm L470-30K00 L470-30K42 L470-30T52 L470-30M00 L470-30M32
470nm L470-30M32L
490nm L490-30K00 L490-30K42 L490-30T52 L490-30M00 L490-30M32
505nm L505-30K00 L505-30K42 L505-30T52 L505-30M00 L505-30M32
525nm L525-30K00 L525-30K42 L525-30T52 L525-30M00 L525-30M32
555nm L555-30K00 L555-30K42 L555-30T52 L555-30M00 L555-30M32
555nm L555GN-35K42N
565nm L565-30K00 L565-30K42 L565-30T52 L565-30M00 L565-30M32
570nm L570-30K00 L570-30K42 L570-30T52 L570-30M00 L570-30M32
590nm L590-30K00 L590-35D32-I L590-30K42 L590-30T52 L590-30M00 L590-30M32
600nm L600-35K00 L600-35K42 L600-35M00
610nm L610-35T52 L610-30M32
610nm L610-35K00 L610-30K42 L610-35K42 L610-35T52 L610-35M00 L610-35M32
625nm L625-35K00 L625-35K42 L625-35T52 L625-35M00 L625-35M32
630nm L630-35K00 L630-35K42 L630-35T52 L630-35M00 L630-35M32
645nm L645-35K00 L645-35K42 L645-35T52 L645-35M00 L645-35M32
660nm L660N-30K42N L660N-35M32L L660-35M32L
660nm L660N-50M32L L660N-50M13N
670nm L670-40K00 L670-40K42 L670-40T52 L670-40M00 L670-40M32
680nm L680-40K00 L680-40K32 L680-40K42 L680-40T52 L680-40M00 L680-40M32
690nm L690-40K00 L690-40K42 L690-40T52 L690-40M00 L690-40M32
700nm L700-40T52 L700-40M00 L700-40M32
720nm L720-40K00 L720-40K42 L720-40T52 L720-40M00 L720-40M32
735nm L735-40K00 L735-40K42 L735-40T52 L735-40M00 L735-40M32
750nm L750-40K00 L750-40K42 L750-40T52 L750-40M00 L750-40M32
760nm L760-40K00 L760-40K32 L760-40K42 L760-40T52 L760-40M00 L760-40M32
760nm L760-40D32-I
770nm L770-40K00 L770-40K42 L770-40T52 L770-40M00 L770-40M32
780nm L780-40K00 L780-40K42 L780-40T52 L780-40M00 L780-40M32
800nm L800-40K00 L800-40K42 L800-40T52 L800-40M00 L800-40M32
810nm L810-40K00 L810-40K32 L810-40K42 L810-40T52 L810-40M00 L810-40M32
810nm L810N-40T52 L810N-40M32L L810N-40K59
830nm L830-40K00 L830-40K42 L830-40T52 L830-40M00 L830-40M32
840nm L840-40K00 L840-40K42 L840-40T52 L840-40M00 L840-40M32
850nm L850-40K00 L850-40K42 L850-40T52 L850-40M00 L850-40M32
850nm L850-40C00 L870-40T52 L850D-40M13N L850D-35M13N
870nm L870-40K00 L870-40D32-I L870-40M00 L870-40M32
870nm L870F-55M00
880nm L880-40K00 L880-40D32-I
890nm L880-40K00 L890-40D32-I L890-40K42 L890-40T52 L890-40M00 L890-40M32
890nm L890-40T42
910nm L910-40K00 L910-40K42 L910-40T52 L910-40M00 L910-40M32
940nm L940-40K00 L940-40K42 L940-40T52 L940-40M00 L940-40M32
940nm L940-40D42 L940-40D52
970nm L970-40K00 L970-40K42 L970-40T52 L970-40M00 L970-40M32
1050nm L1050-35K00 L1050-35K32 L1050-35K42 L1050-35T52 L1050-35M00 L1050-35M32
1050nm L1050-35K42L
1070nm L1070-35K00 L1070-35K42 L1070-35T52 L1070-35M00 L1070-35M32
1085nm L1085-35K00 L1085-35M00
1200nm L1200-35K00 L1200-35K32 L1200-35K42 L1200-35T52 L1200-35M00 L1200-35M32
1300nm L1300-35K00 L1300-35K32 L1300-35K42 L1300-35D52 L1300-35M00 L1300-35M32
1300nm L1300-35D52-I
1300nm L1300-35T52
1450nm L1450-35K00 L1450-35K32 L1450-35K42 L1450-35T52 L1450-35M00 L1450-35M32
1450nm L1450-30K42N
1550nm L1550-35K00 L1550-30K42N L1550-35K42 L1550-35D52 L1550-35M00 L1550-35M32
1550nm L1550-30K42 L1550-35K42L L1550-35D52-I L1550-35M32L
1550nm L1550-35T52
1600nm L1600-35K42 L1600-35M32

SMBB Series

High Power TOP LED  SMBB Series
Peak Wavelength Flat Type -02 Lens -03 Lens -05 Lens
365nm SMBB365H-1100-Z SMBB365H-1100-02Z SMBB365H-1100-03Z SMBB365H-1100-05Z
365nm SMBB365V-1100-Z SMBB365V-1100-02Z SMBB365V-1100-03Z SMBB365V-1100-05Z
375nm SMBB375V-1100-Z SMBB375V-1100-02Z SMBB375V-1100-03Z SMBB375V-1100-05Z
385nm SMBB385V-1130-Z SMBB385V-1130-02Z SMBB385V-1130-03Z SMBB385V-1130-05Z
285nm SMBB385V-1140-Z SMBB385V-1140-02Z
395nm SMBB395H-1100-Z SMBB395H-1100-02Z SMBB395H-1100-03Z SMBB395H-1100-05Z
395nm SMBB395V-1100-Z SMBB395V-1100-02Z SMBB395V-1100-03Z SMBB395V-1100-05Z
405nm SMBB405V-1100-Z SMBB405V-1100-02Z SMBB405V-1100-03Z SMBB405V-1100-05Z
405nm SMBB405H-1100-Z SMBB405H-1100-02Z SMBB405H-1100-03Z SMBB405H-1100-05Z
415nm SMBB415H-1100-Z SMBB415H-1100-02Z SMBB415H-1100-03Z SMBB415H-1100-05Z
420nm SMBB420H-1100-Z SMBB420H-1100-02Z SMBB420H-1100-03Z SMBB420H-1100-05Z
420nm SMBB420V-1100-Z
430nm SMBB430H-1100 SMBB430H-1100-02 SMBB430H-1100-03 SMBB430H-1100-05
435nm SMBB435V-1100-5nm SMBB435V-1100-Z    
450nm SMBB450H-1100 SMBB450H-1100-02 SMBB450H-1100-03 SMBB450H-1100-05
470nm SMBB470H-1100 SMBB470H-1100-02 SMBB470H-1100-03 SMBB470H-1100-05
490nm SMBB490H-1100 SMBB490H-1100-02 SMBB490H-1100-03 SMBB490H-1100-05
515nm SMBB515V-1100
520nm SMBB520H-1100 SMBB520H-1100-02 SMBB520H-1100-03 SMBB520H-1100-05
525nm SMBB525V-1100 SMBB525V-1100-02 SMBB525V-1100-03 SMBB525V-1100-05
590nm SMBB590D-1100      
620nm SMBB620D-1100 SMBB62D0-1100-02 SMBB620D-1100-03 SMBB620D-1100-05
630nm SMBB630H-1100 SMBB630H-1100-02 SMBB630H-1100-03 SMBB630H-1100-05
630nm SMBB630V-1100 SMBB630V-1100-02 SMBB630V-1100-03 SMBB630V-1100-05
660nm SMBB660D-1100 SMBB660D-1100-02 SMBB660D-1100-03 SMBB660D-1100-05
670nm SMBB670-1100 SMBB670-1100-02 SMBB670-1100-03 SMBB670-1100-05
680nm SMBB680-1100 SMBB680-1100-03 SMBB680-1100-05
680nm SMBB680D-1100 SMBB680D-1100-02    
690nm SMBB690-1100 SMBB690-1100-02 SMBB690-1100-03 SMBB690-1100-05
700nm SMBB700-1100 SMBB700-1100-02 SMBB700-1100-03 SMBB700-1100-05
720nm SMBB720-1100 SMBB720-1100-02 SMBB720-1100-03 SMBB720-1100-05
735nm SMBB735-1100 SMBB735-1100-02 SMBB735-1100-03 SMBB735-1100-05
740nm SMBB740D-1100 SMBB740D-1100-02 SMBB740D-1100-03 SMBB740D-1100-05
750nm SMBB750-1100 SMBB750-1100-02 SMBB750-1100-03 SMBB750-1100-05
760nm SMBB760-1100 SMBB760-1100-02 SMBB760-1100-03 SMBB760-1100-05
760nm SMBB760D-1100 SMBB760D-1100-02 SMBB760D-1100-03 SMBB760D-1100-05
770nm SMBB770-1100 SMBB770-1100-02 SMBB770-1100-03 SMBB770-1100-05
780nm SMBB780-1100 SMBB780-1100-02 SMBB780-1100-03 SMBB780-1100-05
780nm SMBB780D-1100 SMBB780D-1100-03 SMBB780D-1100-05
800nm SMBB800D-1100 SMBB800D-1100-02 SMBB800D-1100-03 SMBB800D-1100-05
810nm SMBB810D-1100 SMBB810D-1100-02 SMBB810D-1100-03 SMBB810D-1100-05
810nm SMBB810DS-1100 SMBB810DS-1100-03
810nm SMBB810N-1100 SMBB810N-1100-02 SMBB810N-1100-03 SMBB810N-1100-05
810nm SMBB810D-3100S-I SMBB810DS-1100-02    
830nm SMBB830N-1100 SMBB830N-1100-02 SMBB830N-1100-03 SMBB830N-1100-05
850nm SMBB850D-1100 SMBB850D-1100-02 SMBB850D-1100-03 SMBB850D-1100-05
850nm SMBB850N-1100 SMBB850N-1100-02 SMBB850N-1100-03 SMBB850N-1100-05
850nm SMBB850DS-1100 SMBB850DS-1100-02 SMBB850DS-1100-03 SMBB850DS-1100-05
870nm SMBB870-1100 SMBB870-1100-02 SMBB870-1100-03 SMBB870-1100-05
880nm SMBB880-1100 SMBB880-1100-02 SMBB880-1100-03 SMBB880-1100-05
880nm SMBB880D-1100 SMBB880D-1100-02 SMBB880D-1100-03 SMBB880D-1100-05
890nm SMBB890D-1100 SMBB890D-1100-02 SMBB890D-1100-03 SMBB890D-1100-05
890nm SMBB890DS-1100 SMBB890DS-1100-02 SMBB890DS-1100-03 SMBB890DS-1100-05
910nm SMBB910D-1100 SMBB910D-1100-02 SMBB910D-1100-03 SMBB910D-1100-05
940nm SMBB940-1100 SMBB940-1100-02 SMBB940-1100-03 SMBB940-1100-05
940nm SMBB940D-1100 SMBB940D-1100-02 SMBB940D-1100-03 SMBB940D-1100-05
940nm SMBB940DS-1100 SMBB940DS-1100-02 SMBB940DS-1100-03 SMBB940DS-1100-05
970nm SMBB970-1100 SMBB970-1100-02 SMBB970-1100-03 SMBB970-1100-05
970nm SMBB970D-1100 SMBB970D-1100-02 SMBB970D-1100-03 SMBB970D-1100-05
980nm SMBB980-1100      
980nm SMBB980D-1100 SMBB980D-1100-02 SMBB980D-1100-03 SMBB980D-1100-05
990nm SMBB990-1100 SMBB990-1100-02 SMBB990-1100-03 SMBB990-1100-05
1050nm SMBB1050G-1100 SMBB1050G-1100-02 SMBB1050G-1100-03 SMBB1050G-1100-05
1050nm SMBB1050GD-1100 SMBB1050GD-1100-02
1050nm SMBB1050-1100 SMBB1050-1100-02 SMBB1050-1100-03 SMBB1050-1100-05
1160nm SMBB1160-1100 SMBB1160S-1100-02
1200nm SMBB1200-1100 SMBB1200-1100-03 SMBB1200-1100-05
1200nm SMBB1200S-1100
1300nm SMBB1300-1100 SMBB1300-1100-02 SMBB1300-1100-03 SMBB1300-1100-05
1300nm SMBB1300S-1100
1450nm SMBB1450-1100 SMBB1450-1100-02 SMBB1450-1100-03 SMBB1450-1100-05
1450nm SMBB1450S-1100
1500nm SMBB1500-1100      
1550nm SMBB1550-1100 SMBB1550-1100-02 SMBB1550-1100-03 SMBB1550-1100-05
1550nm SMBB1550S-1100     SMBB1550-3100S-I
1650nm SMBB1650-1100 SMBB1650-1100-02 SMBB1650-1100-03 SMBB1650-1100-05

EDC Series

Peak Wavelength Flat Type -S5 Lens
365nm EDC365V-1100-Z EDC365V-1100-S5Z
375nm EDC375V-1100-Z EDC375V-1100-S5Z
385nm EDC385V-1100-Z
395nm EDC395V-1100-Z EDC395V-1100-S5Z
405nm EDC405H-1100-Z EDC405H-1100-S5Z
405nm EDC405V-1100-Z EDC405V-1100-S5Z
420nm EDC420H-1100
450nm EDC450V-1100
525nm EDC525V-1100
630nm EDC630V-1100 EDC630-1100-S5
660nm EDC660D-1100 EDC660D-1100-S5
690nm EDC690D-1100 EDC690D-1100-S5
740nm EDC740D-1100 EDC740D-1100-S5
750nm EDC750-1100 EDC750-1100-S5
760nm EDC760D-1100 EDC760D-1100-S5
780nm EDC780D-1100 EDC780D-1100-S5
800nm EDC800D-1100 EDC800D-1100-S5
810nm EDC810D-1100 EDC810D-1100-S5
850nm EDC850DS-1100 EDC850DS-1100-S5
850nm EDC850D-1100 EDC850D-1100-S5
890nm EDC890DS-1100 EDC890DS-1100-S5
910nm EDC910D-1100 EDC910D-1100-S5
940nm EDC940D-1100 EDC940D-1100-S5
980nm EDC980D-1100 EDC980D-1100-S5
1050nm EDC1050-1100 EDC1050-1100-S5
1150nm EDC1150-1100
1200nm EDC1200-1100 EDC1200-1100-S5
1300nm EDC1300-1100 EDC1300-1100-S5
1450nm EDC1450-1100 EDC1450-1100-S5
1550nm EDC1550-1100 EDC1550-1100-S5

SMC Type

Peak Wavelength PN
395nm SMC395
395nm  SMCC395-1100
430nm SMC430
470nm SMC470
490nm SMC490
505nm SMC505
525nm SMC525
565nm SMC565
570nm SMC570
630nm SMC630
660nm SMC660
660nm SMC660N
680nm SMC680
700nm SMC700
720nm SMC720
735nm SMC735
750nm SMC750
 760nm SMC760
770nm SMC770
810nm SMC810
830nm SMC830
850nm SMC850
870nm SMC870
880nm SMC880
890nm SMC890
940nm SMC940
970nm SMC970
1050nm SMC1050
1200nm SMC1200
1300nm SMC1300
1450nm SMC1450
1550nm SMC1550

SMT Type

Suface Mount LED SMT Family
Peak Wavelength Flat -23 Lens -25 Lens -27 Lens -29 Lens
375nm SMT375R
405nm SMT405
 405nm SMT405R      
415nm SMT415R
420nm  SMT420R        
430nm SMT430
430nm  SMT430R      
 435nm SMT435        
450nm SMT450
470nm SMT470 SMT470-23 SMT470-60
490nm SMT490
505nm SMT505 SMT505-23 SMT505-27
525nm SMT525
569nm SMT569
570nm SMT570
610nm SMT610
625nm SMT625 SMT625D-S1
630nm SMT630
630nm SMT630W-23
640nm SMT640
660nm SMT660N SMT660N-23 SMT660N-25 SMT660N-27 SMT660N-29
670nm SMT670 SMT670-23
680nm SMT680
690nm SMT690
700nm SMT700
720nm SMT720
735nm SMT735
750nm SMT750 SMT750-23 SMT750-25 SMT750-27
760nm SMT760
780nm SMT780 SMT780-23 SMT780-25 SMT780-27 SMT780-29
780nm SMT780D SMT780D-23 SMT780D-25
800nm SMT800
805nm SMT805N-23
808nm SMT808N-23
810nm SMT810
810nm SMT810N
820nm SMT820
830nm SMT830N SMT830N-23 SMT830N-25
830nm SMT830N-35-25
840nm SMT840
850nm SMT850N SMT850N-23 SMT850N-25 SMT850N-27 SMT850N-29
850nm SMT850DS-S1 SMT850D-23
870nm SMT870N SMT870N-23 SMT870N-27
880nm SMT880
880nm SMT880-2D SMT880-25-2D
880nm SMT880-2D(B)
890nm SMT890
900nm SMT900 SMT900-27
910nm SMT910 SMT910-23
940nm SMT940 SMT940-23 SMT940-25
940nm SMT940D SMT940D-23 SMT940D-S1
970nm SMT970 SMT970-23 SMT970-25 SMT970-27 SMT970-29
970nm SMT970D SMT970D-23
1050nm SMT1050
1050nm SMT1050G SMT1050G-23 SMT1050G-25 SMT1050G-27 SMT1050G-29
1070nm SMT1070
1200nm SMT1200 SMT1200-23
1300nm SMT1300 SMT1300-23 SMT1300S-S1
1450nm SMT1450 SMT1450S-S1 SMT1450D-23
1550nm SMT1550 SMT1550S-S1
1600nm SMT1600
White SMTW47
Surface Mount LED Multi Wavelength SMT  
Peak Wavelength Spec No.
405nm, 850nm SMT405/850D
660nm, 890nm SMT660/890
660nm, 910nm SMT660/910 SMT660/910 Type B SMT660/910D Type B SMT660D/910 Type B SMT660D/910D Type B
660nm, 940nm SMT660/940
690nm, 830nm SMT690D/830
700nm, 940nm SMT700/940
735nm, 850nm SMT735/850
735nm, 890nm SMT735/890
830nm, 940nm SMT830/940-A
830nm, 940nm SMT830/940-C
850nm, 940nm SMT850/940
430nm, 505nm, 568nm SMT430/505/568
470nm, 525nm, 645nm SMT-RGB
568nm, 635nm, 760nm SMT568/635/760
640nm, 700nm, 910nm SMT640/700/910
735nm, 780nm, 810nm SMT735/780/810
850nm, 890nm, 940nm SMT850/890/940



Ultra High Power LED Array  TO-66 Stem
Peak Wavelength 60pcs chips 16pcs chips
Silicone or Epoxy Lens Flat Lens Glass Ball Lens Silicone or Flat Lens PMMA Lens
365nm L365-66-60 L365-66-60-110
365nm L365V-66-16100-110
375nm L375-66-60-110
375nm L375V-66-16100-110
385nm L385-66-60 L385-66-60-110
395nm L395-66-60-110 L395-66-16100-110
405nm L405-66-60-110 L405-66-60-550 L405-66-16100-110
415nm L415-66-60-110
420nm L420-66-60
430nm L430-66-60
450nm L450-66-60
470nm L470-66-60
505nm L505-66-60
525nm L525-66-60
560nm L560-66-60
590nm L590-66-60
620nm L620-66-60
630nm L630-66-60
645nm L645-66-60
660nm L660-66-60
660nm L660N-66-60 L660N-66-16100
670nm L670-66-60
680nm L680-66-60
690nm L690-66-60 L690D-66-16100
700nm L700-66-60
720nm L720-66-60 L720-66-60-130
735nm L735-66-60
740nm L740-66-60
750nm L750-66-60
760nm L760-66-60
780nm L780-66-60
810nm L810-66-60
810nm L810N-66-60 L810N-66-16100
830nm L830-66-60
850nm L850-66-60 L850-66-60-550
870nm L870-66-60 L870-66-60-550
880nm L880-66-60
890nm L890-66-60
910nm L910-66-60
940nm L940-66-60 L940-66-60-550
970nm L970-66-60
980nm L980-66-60
1050nm L1050-66-60
1070nm L1070-66-60
1200nm L1200-66-60
1300nm L1300-66-60
1450nm L1450-66-60 L1450-66-16100
1550nm L1550-66-60
White LW47-66-60-110
White LW47-66-16100HB


Bi-Color / Multi Color

SMT Stem Through-Hole
SMT568/635/760 L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32-AP(±10nm) L395/940R-34GS
SMT640/700/910 L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32 L395/940-37
SMT660N/805/940-23 L1200/1300/PD-35B32 L430/565-04A
SMT660N/840N L1300/1450/1550/PD-35B32 L430/568-04A
SMT660/890 L470/525/630-30C32 L470/660-04A
SMT660D/910D TypeB L470/590/630-30C32 L490/610-04
SMT660D/910 TypeB L525/590/630-30C32 L505/630-02
SMT660/910D TypeB L525H/850D-10035D00 L525/660-31
SMT660/910 TypeB L565/635/760/PD006-3CB00 L565/660-04A
SMT660N/910 L569/660/805/940-35B42 L570/605-04A
SMT660/910 L590/660/850/975-40Q96-I L635/760-04A
SMT690D/830 L660/735/805/940-40B42 L645/700-04A
SMT700/940 L660-735-850-975-40Q96-I L660N/810-33
SMT730D/850D L660/805/1200/1300-35B32 L660/850-33
SMT735/780/810a L660-805-940-PD010-35B52 L660N.850-33
SMT735/780/810 L660-805-975-40D00 L660N.850-04A
SMT735D/850D L660/850/940/1300-35B32 L660/850-04A
SMT735/850 L660/890-35D32 L660/890-40D00
SMT735/890 L660/940-40D32 L660/890-04A
SMT760/850 L6*730/6*850-40Q96-I L660/910-04A
SMT830/940-C L4*730/4*805/4*850-40Q96-1 L660/940-04A
SMT850/890/940a L4*735/4*805/4*850-40Q96-I L680/720-03A
SMT850/890/940 L735/805/850-40C32 L680/940-04A
SMT850/940 L735/805/850-40B32 L750/850-04A
SMT47W/850D L2*735/2*850-40B52-1 L760/810-04A
L6*735/6*850-40Q96-I L760/840-05A
L4*760/4*805/4*850-40Q96-1 L760.850-38
L735/805/850/PD-35B32 L760_850-04A