Heat Dissipation

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This is a key area for any LED new design or re-design project. LEDs, unlike incandescent bulbs, do not radiate heat. They need to be thermally managed. MARUBENI-OPTO™ has established a variety of materials to aid your project with the best in thermal management and the most cost-effective. Most power LED designs can use the following products:

Aluminum-core Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):

A highly thermally conductive insulated metal substrate (IMS) consisting of an aluminum base, a thermally conductive epoxy- based media insulation layer loaded with a high inorganic content filler demonstrating high thermal conductivity, and a conductive Cu and/or Cu under Al foil, thereby realizing thermal resistance equivalent to, or less than that of an alumina ceramic substrate. This PCB material exhibits high thermal conductivity (with maximum conductivity of 8W/mK) as well as high reliability (voltage resistance, heat resistance, and heat shock resistance and durability). It can be processed the same as standard PCBs and can incorporate multiple-up units for processing and device population and then segmented into individual circuits ready for final processing.

Heat Dissipation Films & Spacers:

MARUBENI-OPTO™ products also include various thermally conductive films and spacer materials for advanced heat dissipation and translation from one thermal interface to another. These are the transitioning materials along the thermal path from device to local atmosphere. With silicone or acrylic binders, the materials are loaded with thermally conductove inorganic compounds. They come in various types of sheets and pads with or without adhesive to one or two sides for easy placement and attach. They also come in the forms of grease with vaious viscosities. They are supplied in standard sizes and or to specific requirements. If your are interested in these materials just contact MARUBENI-OPTO™ today with your inquiry.

Heat Sinks:

MARUBENI-OPTO™ can provide standard and/or custom heat sinks to your order. Our heat sinks are non-active, heat conduction type used to draw heat off the back of your LED package and/or PCB and pass that heat off to the local environment. Our heat sinks are made from aluminum extrusions or machined designs. Standard product types can be supplied, build to print or fully designed versions can cover your requirements. Standard black anodized aluminum is the work horse of our product line as it radiates the most heat keeping your LED in cool operation at the die junction. Thermal management is a key feature to many LED design or re-design projects. Check-out what MARUBENI-OPTO™ can do for you. Simply send us your inquiry.

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