General Information and Application Notes for our LED Products

General Information and Application Notes for our LED Products

Our goal is to develop high performance opto-devices necessary for applications such as transportation, automobile management systems (ITS, VICS, ETS, etc), medical, photo-therapy, agriculture and food, military, and security. We are willing to help customers develop their own products by designing and manufacturing appropriate custom opto-devices for many other applications.

ITS fields

L850F-09-55 for car Navigation Use and System to assist for pedestrian. L850-01UP and L850-04UP for VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) L850F-06-45 and L850F-06-55 for License Plate recognize (LPR) use. L810-06-55, L780-06-55 and L735-06-55 for ETC LED array use. L850-66-60 for Night Vision Light Source use.

CCTV Light Source fields

L810-03AU, L850-42UP, L850-04UP and L850-06UP for light source and modules use.

Machine Vision fields

L660-36V, L750-04AUL850-36UPL850-04UPSMT850N and SMT940 for machine vision use.

Agriculture and Food fields

L450-03U, L660-03U and L750-03AU for Plant growth and Photo synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) use.

Medical, aestetic, and photo theraphy fields

SMT660/890SMT660/910 and SMT660/940 for Oxymeter use. L670-04AU, L670-66-60 and L890-04AU for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Diabetes use. L565-36U, L635-36AU and L760-36AU for Blood Sugar Level measurement use.

Biometrics (Authentication) fields

L870-33UP and SMT780 for Vein Image use. L810-03AU or Iris Image use. L880-04UP for Face Image use. L660-04UD for Finger Image use.

Infrared Wireless Communication fields

CN870-35PL870-03UP and L870-06UP for IrDA

New Application fields

L375-66-60 for chemical reactor as reactive light source.