Combo LED / Optical-Sensors

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MARUBENI-OPTO™ has developed a number of Near Infrared and Infrared discrete LED products with integrated optical-sensors. Over the years we have specialized in more complex versions that incorporate a wider spectrum of LED radiation with integrated sensors. These devices have been primarily utilized by the scientific, forensic and medical diagnostic industries in sophisticated instrumentation. Some examples to illustrate the type of devices we have created include the following list:

LED Wavelength (nm Peak)Photo-diode (Quantity)
1 each 1200 & 1300 LED1 each
1 each 565, 635, 760nm LED1 each
1 each 660, 805, 940nm LED1 each
1 each 735, 805, 850nm LED1 each
1 each 1200, 1300, 1450nm LED1 each
1 each 1300, 1450, 1550nm LED1 each
4 each 760, 805, 850nm LED2 each


Literally any combination of device can be created. If you would like other wavelengths, including UV, these too can be incorporated into a single discrete package. MARUBENI-OPTO™ would like to be your partner in creating the device you need, just make your inquiry.