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he LS-560 screen printer by New Long offers the following :

  • Full model change of LS-45A series screen printer
  • Precision screen printer for name plates and sheets
LS-560  screen printer by New Long


LS-560 Main Features
  • Highly durable main frame and crank-driven open/close mechanism of frame realized low noise, high accuracy printing pressure.
  • Smooth travel of squeegee prevents uneven spreading of color with rigid main frame capable of sustaining printing pressure without giving vibration.
  • Smart design, provides easy-to-sit-and -operate working environment.
  • Wide space at lift-up of frame improves efficiency at set-up and at screen cleaning.
  • As a safety measure, the externally generated vibration on machine during frame descent makes it automatically switch over to frame ascent.
  • Incorporated with double printing capability as the standard, it is capable of printing under various printing conditions.
  • Various features such as forced-off-contact mechanism, the sucking adjustment mechanism, vacuum cut-off timer, and AC100V receptacle (two-port external connection required) incorporated as the standard.
LS-560  screen printer : during positioning LS-560  screen printer : during screen cleaning
During positioning
The screen and the table are parallel.
During screen cleaning
Only the rear side ascends.


LS-560 Specifications
  • Printing area 500×600 mm
  • Screen frame size MIN 570×550 mmx25 mmMAX 880×900 mmx40 mm
  • Table size 750×800 mm
  • Squeegee stroke 640 mm
  • Squeegee speed 50~800 mm/sec
  • Printing pressure 0~0.4 MPa
  • Positioning. (Fine adjustment of the table) X,Y ±10 mmTheta ±1.5 Z 0~50 mm
  • Cycle time 3.5 sec (at standard printing)
    Conditions Squeegee speed 800 mm/sec, Squeegee stroke 570 mm
  • Machine repetition precision ±0.1 mm
  • Power requirement AC200V 3 phases 50/60 Hz600 W
  • Air pressure 0.5 MPa5 L/minute(ANR)
  • Machine’s weight about 450 kg
  • Machine’s dimensions (W)1380x(D)800x(H)1260 mm