High Power Illuminator

Our illuminators consist of 60 chips mounted on a metal stem TO-66 package with AlN ceramics and covered with clear silicone and epoxy resin. These illuminators are designed to be used with proper heat sinking to improve thermal conductive efficiency. Any illuminator is also available with a heat sink and lens combination (called the 550 option), but not all 550 specifications are shown. If you need a custom part, we are willing to discuss the options; please contact us.

Product numbering example: L850-66-60 consists of 60 chips of 850 nm wavelength mounted in a TO-66 package. L850-66-60-550 consists of 60 chips of 850 nm wavelength mounted in a TO-66 package assembled with a heat sink, lens and short wiring harness. Please click on the desired product for data sheets.

Radiation Patterns / Heatsink Information / Lens Information

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

Product # Wavelength (nm) Power Output Datasheet
L1050G-66-60 1050 IF=600mA, 440mW
L365-66-60-110 365 IF=240mA, 130mW
L690-66-60-550 690 IF=240mA, 200mW
L690D-66-60-550 690 IF=240mA, 320mW
L690D-66-60-130 690 IF=240mA, 380mW
L690D-66-60-110 690 IF=240mA, 400mW
L690D-66-60 690 IF=240mA, 470mW
L690D-66-16100-550 690 IF=2.4A, 4300mW
L690D-66-16100-130 690 IF=2.4A, 4900mW
L690D-66-16100-110 690 IF=2.4A, 5500mW
L690D-66-16100 690 IF=2.4A, 5900mW
LW47-66-60-CC white  
L395-66-16100-110 395 IF=1A, 1W
L385-66-30100-110 385 IF=12A, 3.1W
L1450-66-60 1450 IF=600mA, 60mW
L1550-66-60 1550 IF=600mA, 60mW
L1200-66-60 1200 IF=600mA, 60mW
L1300-66-60 1300 IF=600mA, 140mW
L1070-66-60 1070 IF=600mA, 60mW
L980-66-60 980 IF=600mA, 6.3V
L1050-66-60 1050 IF=600mA, 120mW
L970-66-60 970 IF=800mA, 500mW
L940-66-60 940 IF=800mA, 300mW
L940-66-60-550 940 IF=800mA, 700mW
L910-66-60 910 IF=800mA, 600mW
L880-66-60 880 IF=800mA, 1.5W
L890-66-60 890 IF=800mA, 850mW
L870-66-60-550 870 IF=800mA, 950mW
L870-66-60 870 IF=800mA, 1.6W
L870-66-75 870 IF=900mA, 1.6W
L850-66-60 850 IF=600mA, 900mW
L850-66-60-550 850 IF=800mA, 950mW
L850-66-48 850 IF=800mA, 1.2W
L810N-66-161001 810 IF=1.2A, 1.34W
L830-66-60 830 IF=600mA, 1W
L810N-66-60 810 IF=600mA, 1W
L780-66-16100 780 IF=3.2A, 2.8W
L810-66-60 810 IF=600mA, 1W
L780-66-60 780 IF=600mA, 1W
L750-66-60 750 IF=600mA, 1W
L760-66-60 760 IF=600mA, 1W
L740D-66-16100 740 IF=2.4A, 4.5W
L740-66-60 740 IF=600mA, 1W
L735-66-60 735 IF=600mA, 1W
L720-66-60-130 720 IF=600mA, 550mW
L720-66-60 720 IF=600mA, 550mW
L700-66-60 700 IF=240mA, 300mW
L690-66-60 690 IF=240mA, 300mW
L680D-66-16100 680 IF=2.4A, 5.9W
L680-66-60 680 IF+240mA, 300mW
L670-66-60 670 IF=240mA, 450mW
L660N-66-16100 660 IF=1.4A, 2.8W
L660N-66-60 660 IF=600mA, 1.2W
L645-66-60 645 IF=240mA, 120mW
L630H-66-16100 630 IF=1.4A, 2.9W
L630-66-60 630 IF=240mA, 140mW
L620-66-60 620 IF=240mA, 120mW
L590-66-60 590 IF=240mA, 60mW
L560-66-60 560 IF=240mA, 8mW
L505-66-60 505 IF=240mA, 60mW
L525-66-60 525 IF=240mA, 120mW
L470V-66-16100 470 IF=2A, 3.5W
L470-66-60 470 IF=240mA, 120mW
L450-66-60 450 IF=600mA, 460mW
L430-66-60 430 IF=400mA, 800mW
L420V-66-16100-110 420 IF=1.2A, 2.3W
L420-66-60 420 IF=240mA, 14mW
L415-66-60-110 415 IF=240mA, 300mW
L405-66-60-550 405 IF=240mA, 300mW
L405-66-16100-110 405 IF=1A, 1.5W
L405-66-60-110 405 IF=400mA, 300mW
L395V-66-16100-110 395 IF=2A, 8W
L385-66-60-110 385 IF=200mA, 140mW
L395-66-60-110 395 IF=240mA, 120mW
L385-66-60 385 IF=200mA, 150mW
L375V-66-16100-110 375 IF=2A, 4.6W
L375-66-60-110 375 IF=200mA, 150mW
L365-66-60 365  
L365V-66-16100-110 365 IF=2A, 4W