Marubeni is proud to present its new line of High Power SWIR LEDs.

Our SWIR LEDs feature the highest power in today's market. Various lenses are available to meet your specific viewing angle requirements (+/-10 degrees - +/-60 degrees), including our ultra-sharp 02 lens which is a rarity in the market. Other advantages include:

  1. High  power – highest in the industry
  2. Excellent stability over time (life characteristics)
  3. Various wavelengths available in a wide range (1050-1750nm)
  4. Narrow peak wavelength tolerance (+/-20nm)
  5. Custom wavelengths are available based on your specific requirements

SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) LED features:

  • Light absorption of specific substances (Water, protein, alcohol, fatty acid, glucose, etc.)
    • Applications: Grain Inspection, Vital Sensor, Medical devices, Road Surface Freeze Sensor
  • Silicon wafer/substrate transmission
    • Applications: Solar Panel Inspection, Si Device Inspection 
  • Water vapor and fog transmission
    • Applications: Night Vision, Security Camera Lighting
  • Light source of SWIR wavelengths (1050-1750nm) 
    • Applications: Sun simulator light source

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Available in Various Wavelengths

SWIR LED wavelengths

*Various wavelength are available to meet your specific requirements

Available Packages and Radiation Characteristics

LED Performance Improvement (Compared to existing SWIR LEDs)


  • Light output increases 2-4 times compared to older generation SWIR LEDs
    • Newly designed SWIR LEDs significantly increase output power (the increase varies depending on the wavelength)
  • Maintains higher light output when driven at large current

SWIR LED performance comparison

SWIR-LEDs - With Decreasing Price of the InGaAs Camera, New Applications Arise

SWIR LED - new applications