Near UV and UV LEDs

Optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than 400 nm λp is called ultraviolet (UV) radiation and is further subdivided in UV-A (320-400nm λp), UV-B (280-320 nm λp) and UV-C (180-280 nm λp) categories. These LED die are made from AlInGaN heavily doped with Aluminum MOCVD epitaxial wafers fabricated into dice that emit short wavelength UV radiation. It is this solid-state optical power that is being found to be highly compatible with a wide-range of applications. Standard devices are tested and sold to peak wavelength radiometric optical power measurements. Near UV devices (above 400nm λp), range from 405 nm λp (420 nm λD) to 420 nm λp (434 nm λD). MARUBENI-OPTO™ standard UV 375, 385,395 nm λp and Near UV 405, 415, 418, and 420 nm λp wavelengths are available as standard products. Other UV-C devices are being developed and include peak wavelengths between 250 and 280nm. For these MARUBENI-OPTO™ seeks your inquiry and will respond to your interests on a case by case basis. Standard products include epitaxial wafers, fabricated Known-Good Die (KGD™), and packaged devices including micro-miniature SMDs, standard lamps, COB/DOB compact micro-arrays (CMA™), modules and other UV sources including flashlights for portable lighting applications.


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