Two-Tone Photodiode

Industry’s Smallest Two-Tone SMD Photodiode KPMC29, with a Broad Range of Sensitivity Wavelengths, from 400 to 1,700 nm


  • Medical biometric monitoring devices (pulse oximeters, wearable activity monitors).
  • Radiation thermometers that can measure temperatures without direct contact with hot objects.

Product Characteristics

  • Wide range wavelength sensitivity (400~1,700nm)
    KPMC29 is designed to cover wide wavelength range by stacking up two photodiodes (Si and InGaAs photodiodes) in the package with the same light axis. Si and InGaAs photodiodes are sensitive to shorter wavelengths and longer wavelengths respectively.
  • Industry’s smallest surface-mountable package
    KPMC29, Two-Tone Photodiode has a unique design in which Si photodiode die is mounted on top of the InGaAs die in a 4.0mm x 5.7mm x 1.1 package.   This special design allows reduction of height and footprint of the package. The overall size has been reduced to 1/8 of our conventional products.

Samples will be available from August 31, 2020. Mass production orders will begin on April 1, 2021.

Featured Product

Si / InGaAs Two-tone Photodiode


  • Integrated Si and InGaAs photodiode
  • Same optical axes configuration
  • Wide sensitive wavelength range
  • Low dark current


  • Sensing component materials (gas, solute, etc...)
  • Laser diode and LED monitors
  • Wide range spectroscopy

Download full specifications here.