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Introducing the Compact High-Power LED
EDCC Family Release

Extreme tiny CSP like package size: 1.5*1.85mm
The versatile EDCC Family serves various applications, such as machine vision, optical sorting, plant growth, security, surveillance, optical authentication, inspection equipment, vital sensing, and more, demanding high brightness, output, and multiple wavelengths.

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High Power, High Efficiency Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) LEDs available for customization.

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Pulse Oximeter

Specific wavelengths of our products (SMT660N,SMT940&SMT660N/940) provide the perfect LED solution for pulse oximetry applications

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Food Sorting

The most efficient solution to boost your processing capacity and availability, while at the same time increasing profit, food quality and food safety.

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Cancer Treatment

Photoimmunotherapy is a new method for tumor treatment. Our L690-66-60-550 has been widely tested in clinical research.

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Face Recognition

Our SMBB850D/DS are for a Facial recognition technology, which is used as biometric technique used to detect and recognize users' facial features

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Si APD Module

Silicon Avalanche Photodiode, High speed IV conversion amplifier, high voltage power supply, multiplication ratio control (temperature compensation) circuit on a tiny compact board.

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Photo Sensor | Custom LED

Covering the widest of spectrums, Marubeni provides its’ customers with the most extensive range of products offered by a single firm in the solid-state optoelectronics and lighting markets.

Why Marubeni?

We are more than just global traders and brokers. We also act as major financiers, investors and large-scale organizers. We play a vital role in the logistics of transactions, such as the global movement of products.

Through Hole LED

All lamps have a specific “bulb type” designation that describes the shape of the lamp and the size of the lamp.

Surface Mount LED

Surface Mount Device or “Chips” utilizing leaded or lead-less package styles was another innovation in LED package styles.

High Power LED

High Power illuminators consist of 60 chips mounted on a metal stem TO-66 package with AlN ceramics…

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