Medical, Biophotonics, and Phototherapy

We offer UV, visible red, infrared/IR and near-IR LEDs for medical sensors, both for analytical and monitoring, phototherapy, medical imaging, and many other applications.  In addition to our various standard products qualified by many leading medical and phototherapeutic companies, we will customize and develop new LEDs to meet most-demanding requirements of today’s medial applications.  Please contact us for more information.

Pulse Oximeters and Other Medical Sensors

LED Chip RED C630-30T, C660N-30T
IR C735-40P, C760-40P, C810-40P, C880-40P, C940-30V, C970-40
NIR C1050-30, C1200-30, C1270-30, C1300-30, C1330-30, C1450-30
SMT Bi-Color SMT660N/890, SMT660N/910, SMT660N/940, SMT660N/870-23, SMT6660N/940-23, SMT735/850, SMT735/890
Multi Wavelength SMT735/780/890, SMT850/890/940
Stem LED Multi Wavelength L4*730/4*850-40Q96-I


Rejuvenation L660N-02, L660N-06, L830-04AU, SMT660N-23SMT830N-23, SMBB850D-1100-05
Acne Treatment L660N-02, L660N-06, SMT660N-23, L418R-04, L418R-02, L415R-02
Tissue, sports, muscle injury recovery, wound healing L660N-06, SMT660N-23, SMT830N-23, L890-03-35, L890-04-35

Ophthalmic Diagnosis

Molded LED L735-33AU, L735-01AU,  L780-33AU, L850F-06-55CU
SMC SMC735, SMC750


Blood analysis L395R-04, L430R-06
Censer Treatment L680-66-60-550
Alzheimer Treatment L1070-66-60
Cold sore treatment L1070-06
Products shown in this web site are intended to be used for general electronic equipment.  Products are not guaranteed for applications where product malfunction or failure may cause personal injury or death, including but not limited to life-supporting / saving devices, medical devices, safety devices, airplanes, aerospace equipment, automobiles, traffic control systems, and nuclear reactor control systems.