LED Chips

MARUBENI Tech-LED offers its customers a variety of Known-Good-Die  (KGD™)  which are 100% inspected & tested prepackaged compound  semiconductor LED or Optical Sensor dice. Each die has undergone rigorous visual  inspection for die and metallization integrity, as well as electrical and optical testing.  Each die is then sorted based on test values that ensure that they will  perform per specifications if packaged properly. They are supplied with all data and  labeling on sticky tape for proper presentation to die automatic or manual pick and place machine collets.

MARUBENI Tech-LED utilizes the latest die fab technologies including metallization, dicing, testing and presentation for pick-and-place hoop stretching, to ensure each and every die is not only KGD™, but presented in a useable format for our customers. Let us know your die requirements so we can work to fulfill your product requirements. Make your inquiry to MARUBENI Tech-LED today.