MARUBENI-OPTO™ offers advanced phosphor materials for your next photo-conversion project. SiAlONs are ceramics based on the elements silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), oxygen (O) and nitrogen (N). Once activated SiAlONs are photo-luminescent and can serve to efficiently create bi-chromatic or broadband white LED photo- conversion. For example, Europium(II)-doped β-SiAlON absorbs in the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum and emits intense broadband visible emission. Its luminance and color does not change significantly with temperature, due to the temperature-stable crystal structure. It also exhibits long stable life times and improves luminosity. It has a great service as well as a green down-conversion phosphor for white LEDs; a yellow variant also exists. For white LEDs, a blue LED is used with a yellow phosphor, or with a green and yellow SiAlON phosphor and a red CaAlSiN3-based (CASN) phosphor. Applications with LEDs include encapsulation of the LED die or for a phosphor plate, and as such can be utilized in Solid-State Lighting (SSL) and for LCD Back Light Units (BLUs). Let us know your requirements by making your inquiry.