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Jan 15th, 2024

Discontinuation Notice

Please be informed that the following products will be discontinued.

Discontinued Products

SMBB Series

Products Alternative product* Products Alternative product*
SMBB830N-1100 SMBB830D-1100 SMBB870-1100 SMBB870D-1100
SMBB830N-1100-02 SMBB830D-1100-02 SMBB870-1100-02 SMBB870D-1100-02
SMBB830N-1100-03 SMBB830D-1100-03 SMBB870-1100-03 SMBB870D-1100-03
SMBB830N-1100-05 SMBB830D-1100-05 SMBB870-1100-05 SMBB870D-1100-05
SMBB830N-3100S-I SMBB830D-3100S-I SMBB870-3100S-I SMBB870D-3100S-I


EDC Series

Products Alternative Products
EDC830N-1100 EDC830D-1100

* Alternative product may not match the discontinued product perfectly. Please confirm its detailed specification.


Adoption of D-type products have increased.

Discontinuation Schedule

Request of last time buy: Jun. 25th, 2024

Completion of last shipment: Aug 30th, 2024


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact: info@tech-led.com