Marubeni OPTO™

Marubeni-OPTO™ is the optoelectronics and photonics product portion of Marubeni America Corporation (MAC). Marubeni-OPTO™ has for over 3o years supplied solid-state LEDs and Sensors (photo-diodes/phototransistors) to its clients. In turn, Marubeni’s corporate roots go back to 1858, and it was organized as Marubeni Company, Ltd. in 1949. Marubeni holds up “Fairness, Innovation and Harmony” as its company creed. Marubeni-OPTO™ focuses its’ efforts on a product line that cover the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible Light (VIS) and Infrared spectrum (IR), as well as ancillary products. Marubeni-OPTO™’ products are vertically integrated from epitaxial wafers, to fabricated compound semiconductors, to packaged components to end products. Covering the widest of spectrums, Marubeni-OPTO™ today provides its’ customers with the most extensive range of products offered by a single firm in the solid-state optoelectronics and lighting markets. We focus on the best products within this arena combined with the best service and delivery possible.

Index Of Products:

The following chart provides an indexing tool to access Marubeni-OPTO™ products that may be of interest to you. Just find the appropriate box that identifies the product type that you are interested in, then contact us who will provide more information:

MAC-OPTO™ Compound Semiconductor Index Of Product Offerings
Product Category UV & Near UV Visible Near IR & IR
Near A B C White Monochrome Near A B
Epitaxial Wafer
Known-Good Die
PTH Lamps
Mid-Power LEDs
Power LEDs
Multi-Wavelength Bi-Chromatic, RGB & Polychromatic White; R/Y-G, Purple, Multi-UV & -IR LEDs
Substrates Aluminum Nitride, Metal-Core PCBs, Aluminum-Ceramic Compound Materials
Optical-Sensors RGB Sensors
Combo LED/Opticai-Sensors 525-890nm LEDs w/Matched Photo-Diodes Are Offered, Customs Available
NIO Optics Non-Imaging Optics (NIO), Light Shaping Diffusers (LSDs) and Filters Are Offered
Heat Dissipation Metal-Core PCBs, Thermal Transfer Films & Grease, Heat Sinks
Integrated Circuits
Flashlights Torch-type & Head-Mounted Flashlights Available In UV, White and IR