High Power LED

EDC Series SMD package  Offered in the widest spectrum of LED emitters in the industry, ranging from 265nm λP to 1650nm λP. The new EDC Series can be used to package any LED in this spectrum. Example: the EDC850DS-1100-02 mounts a 1 x 1mm AllnGaP Die that emits at 850 λP with a typical Radiant intensity of 6000mW/sr & Radiated Power of 1400mW. UV, Visible (including White Light), or other IR Power LED Die can also be used in this small SMD leadless package. With highly durable silicone lens technology, a Thermal Resistance (Rthj) of 5K/W, and a Power Dissipation of 2000 mW, the EDC Series may be your best choice.

High Power SMBB Package can be used for food sorting machines, solar simulation, Security Cameras, ALPR /ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) System and Facial recognition system. Marubeni’s SMBB850DS-1100-02 (wavelength 850nm, viewing angle +/- 10 deg) gives the highest performance for ALPR /ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) System.

High Power illuminators consist of 60 chips mounted on a metal stem TO-66 package with AlN ceramics and covered with clear silicone and epoxy resin. These illuminators are designed to be used with proper heat sinking to improve thermal conductive efficiency. Any illuminator is also available with a heat sink and lens combination (called the 550 option), but not all 550 specifications are shown. If you need a custom part, we are willing to discuss the options; please contact us.