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General Information and Application Notes for our LED Products

Our goal is to develop high performance opto-devices necessary for applications such as Transportation, Intelligent Traffice Systems (ITS, VICS, ETS, etc), Motion Capture, CCTV Light Source, Medical, Biometrics, Night Vision, Photo-Therapy, Horticulture Lighting, food Sorting, Military, and Security. We are willing to help customers develop their own products by designing and manufacturing appropriate custom opto-devices for many other applications.

ITS fields

L850F-09-55 for car Navigation Use and System to assist for pedestrian. L850-01UP and L850-04UP for VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) L850F-06-45 and L850F-06-55 for License Plate recognize (LPR) use. L810-06-55, L780-06-55 and L735-06-55 for ETC LED array use. L850-66-60 for Night Vision Light Source use.

CCTV Light Source fields

L810-03AU, L850-42UP, L850-04UP and L850-06UP for light source and modules use.

Machine Vision fields

L660-36V, L750-04AUL850-36UPL850-04UPSMT850N and SMT940 for machine vision use.

Agriculture and Food fields

L450-03U, L660-03U and L750-03AU for Plant growth and Photo synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) use.

Medical, Aesthetic, and Phototherapy fields

SMT660/890SMT660/910 and SMT660N/940 for Oxymeter use. L670-04AU, L670-66-60 and L890-04AU for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Diabetes use. L565-36U, L635-36AU and L760-36AU for Blood Sugar Level measurement use.

Biometrics (Authentication) fields

L870-33UP and SMT780 for Vein Image use. L810-03AU or Iris Image use. L880-04UP for Face Image use. L660-04UD for Finger Image use.

Infrared Wireless Communication fields

CN870-35PL870-03UP and L870-06UP for IrDA

New Application fields

L375-66-60 for chemical reactor as reactive light source.


LED Wavelength and Application

We offer more than 60 standard peak wavelengths between 365 nm and 1650 nm.  We also customize peak wavelength and wavelength tolerance in order to offer wavelength specifically tuned for your application.  Some of peak wavelengths we offer that are proven to work for some applications are shown below.

(Click on the image to see an enlarged version.)

UV: 365 nm – 430 nm

Visible: 430 nm – 690 nm

IR: 700 nm – 980 nm

NIR: 1050 nm – 1600 nm