Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural Lighting

SMBB630-1100-02Today LED is widely used in horticultural lightings. While increasing crops, shorting growth cycle and improving overall plant quality, LED can also significantly reduce energy consumption and offer much longer product life.  Red of 625 to 675 nm and blue of 425 to 475 nm are most commonly used LED in grow lights.  Yet infrared around 730 nm and UV between 300 and 400 nm are said to have effect on plant growth.  Offered in wide range of UV, blue, red, and IR wavelengths, our high power SMD, SMBB and SMB work very well for horticultural lighting.

The SMBD and SMBD series has one, two, or three 1.0 x 1.0 mm chips mounted on a copper heat sink in a 5 x 5 mm package. The SMBD and SMBB series are designed to be used with proper heat sinking to improve thermal conductive efficiency. The over-molded lens viewing angle options include approximately +/- 10, 40, and 60 degree half view angles. Flat-surface SMBD and SMBD can be used with secondary optics TINA lens to further enhance their radiant intensity.  For more information, please contact us.

SMBD and SMBB are moisture sensitive devices and need to be handled accordingly to the instructions in SMD LED storage and handling precautions below. Otherwise they may be damaged during solder reflow and may fail.

* SMD LED Storage and handling precautions

Lens type Flat -02 -04 -05
Viewing half angle +/- 65 +/- 10 +/- 20 +/- 40
UV 365nm SMBB365V-1100 SMBB365V-1100-02 SMBB365V-1100-05
SMBB365H-1100 SMBB365H-1100-02 SMBB365H-1100-05
375nm SMBB375V-1100 SMBB375V-1100-02
395nm SMBB395V-1100 SMBB395V-1100-02
Blue 420nm SMBB420V-1100 SMBB420V-1100-02 SMBB420V-1100-05
450nm SMBD450-1100 SMBB450-1100-02
470nm SMBD470-1100 SMBD470-1100-02 SMBD470-1100-05
SMBB470V-1100 SMBB470V-1100-02
490nm SMBB490-1100 SMBB490-1100-02
Red 620nm SMBB620-1100 SMBB620-1100-02 SMBB620-1100-05
630nm SMBD630-1100 SMBD630-1100-02 SMBD630-1100-05
SMBB630-1100 SMBB630-1100-02
660nm SMBB660N-1100 SMBB660N-1100-02 SMBB660N-1100-05
670nm SMBB670-1100 SMBB670-1100-02
680nm SMBD685-1100 SMBD685-1100-02 SMBD685-1100-05
IR 720nm SMBB720-1100 SMBB720-1100-02
735nm SMBB735-1100 SMBB735-1100-02 SMBB735-1100-05
740nm SMBB740D-1100 SMBB740D-1100-02 SMBB740D-1100-05